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Paper Or Cloth Vending Machine




  • Automatic using coins or tokens.
  • Pre-programable paper lenght independent of paper indentations from differents suppliers.
  • Coin rejection if photo-electric cell fails.
  • Coin rejection if no power or paper.
  • Power paper supply pilot lights.
  • Visual product identifi cation.


  • Made in Stainless Steel
  • Simple and robust.
  • Suitables for outdoor use.
  • Double lock mechanism.
  • Product can be seen through window.
  • Front mechanism in stainless steel.
  • Easy currency change.
  • Paper lenghts easly varied.
  • Easy roll changing.
  • Low cost maintenance.


  • Roll Service dispenser paper, textiles,…available on rolls in precut length.

  • Roll Service accept rolls of up to 380mm. diameter and 400mm. wide.